Dream desks are made of lucite

Happy-Interior-Blog-02 2014-language-of-flowers-calendar LaurenConrad

You know how they say you should dress for the job you want? Well I think that you should also apply that spirit to your desk decor and organization. Even if you’re just at a cubicle like myself, it shows attention to detail to organize your space and it’s an opportunity to show off your taste and personality.

My essentials:

  • Lucite magazine holders and dividers (I’m not the biggest fan of the standard black and grey), and I picked up some great and inexpensive ones at Target. I also grabbed a bunch of the clear push pins from my office’s multi-coloured box for my bulletin board.
  • Binder clips for prints, postcards or other inspirational items when you want them up on your bulletin board, but don’t want to push a pin through the paper. It just looks nicer too, right? They don’t have to be fancy. I’ve got the standard ‘classic’ black ones.
  • A cute plant that does well in indirect sunlight and without constant attention. Succulents are terrific, and snake plants, and the pots really make them. I have a rubbery plant in a bright purple pot, and would like another. Great for poor office air and I’m sure it’s a mood lifter!
  • A fun calendar. There are so many great-looking free printables (I have a great black and white one held together with a big silver clip!), and you can also frame a beauty like the one pictured from the House that Lars Built to act as your wall art.
  • Some art! I have a lovely graphic owl print by Edmonton illustrator, Gabe Wong, that I picked up at the Royal Bison craft and art fair here in Edmonton.
  • Cute mugs or cups for pens and what not. I have so many fun, Starbucks and handmade mugs that I don’t use them all, so putting them on my desk is a fun way to get favourites out in the open. I have a lovely handmade one with a capybara print on it that’s just a bit too big for my morning coffee, but it’s perfect for my pens. I also have lovely lavender, faceted cup from Anthropologie that was actually missing it’s lid, so I got it reduced, and it’s perfect for pencils!

desk office white office

At the end of the (work) day, I think your desk space should be like a new home. Know what you like for the basics, but hold out for special pieces to fill it up rather than buying a bunch of furniture/desk supplies that you’ll end up disliking or finding boring in a minute. My desk is three sections, and the section behind me is bare because I don’t want to fill it up with nonsense just for the sake of it! I’m also still on the lookout for the perfect print or piece of art to frame and hang on my wall. I suggest you peruse Pinterest  or click on the photos (they’re linked!) for more fun ideas!